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    Binding equipment       "" "" (pocket books) - Of book In a soft cover - have appeared after the second world war and became rather popular. and we for quite some time now even more often use similar printed matter. and its rather low cost price does not mean bad quality. Binding cars (other names - stitching cars, stitchers, Bookbinders ) allow to make professionally your papers to make their more respectable.     On the basis of The water dispersion of polymers enriched with softening components, and On the basis of glue. one of leading world firms Eurotecnica (italy) develops and lets out modern high-efficiency cars fastenings. such devices are capable to fasten strongly and gracefully Book block , to fit to it a cover, i.e. to transform a half-finished product into a finished article. Equipment About which speech will go, is known to tens large and to hundreds printing salons abroad. it has well proved and at us in russia, has stepped to the cis countries. the company makes the biggest lineup of glutinous cars. it "the polygraphic couturier" is chosen by choosy workers of world Of publishing , journal business, bank circles. all cars, from idle time desktop to especially professional, productivity 1100 book Blocks At an o`clock, high technology, superquality and reliability distinguish. Metal It is considered to be cover of documents Spring Elite. documents, Bound It is considered to be cover of documents Spring (document sheets it is impossible to replace). these documents look more elegantly and prestigiously, sheets of such document are easily developed on 360. by means of Binding It is considered to be cover of documents Notebook , to the elegant report or a corporate calendar. Metal Plastic Spring It is most popular in our country. this kind Of cover Combines convenience and simplicity in work at very democratic price. application Binding Plastic Of cover Allows to sort successfully documents by departments, quarters, etc. possibility to support corporate colours by means of colour Of cover the simple and convenient decision. Thermocover fast one-piece Of cover . Thermocover Is carried out a modern way at the expense of application of special thermocovers and thermobacks of the various sizes and colours. On end face Of a thermocover and an internal surface of a thermoback special thermoglue which will keep, subsequently, document sheets. cars for Of cover Allow to make the finished, respectable document for 25-40 seconds. Of cover .     Cover . however not all types of a paper for this purpose suit. a cold fastening use at work with thick book Blocks , "a whimsical" paper (for example, or with the structured surface), and if necessary - and with a paper of the raised density (to 300 of m.) is more oftenquality and durability Of cover Thus essentially raise. new workings out combine both types of a fastening in one device. successful engineering decisions of firm eurotecnica have expanded borders of the habitual. in our case it is universal cars of series Euro-bind 38-4 and euro-bind 38-4 Matic. mount additional Block - and to you are accessible various Cover . in a category matic the press is provided automatic blooming. it is characteristic that easily removable knots and details provide convenient access to any mechanism for cleaning and service. installation On it The equipment provides alignment of sheets in horizontal and vertical position. by means of such addition it is possible to change height stuck together Block Concerning the blooming device. Of cover All cars Eurotecnica Have the device or system longitudinaland last does possible two operations: cut folds and or only depending on needs of the consumer. if you use both methods together glue impregnates Back Is better, and durability Block .

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